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Hotel in Lisbon

Who we are

Over the years, Hotel Mundial, which first opened on December 3rd 1958, has been through various phases of renovation the last one in 2016.
The hotels location in the heart of Lisbon, in Baixa Pombalina district, with the St. George Castle as scenery and Praça do Rossio a stone’s throw away, makes one of its most distinctive characteristics.


Hotel Mundial was inaugurated on December 3rd, 1958. In a privileged location in the heart of the city. Baixa Pombalina, with S. George Castle in the background and Praça do Rossio few steps away, this is the ideal spot to feel the city.

Its excellent location by the main cultural, entertainment and shopping sites, combined with its good reputation made this hotel the ideal location for some guests and customers that still inspire generations nowadays. Here are some important personalities that are part of this timeless hotel’s history: Roger Moore, Alan Delon, Romi Schneider, Brigitte Bardot, Siza Vieira, José Saramago, Amália Rodrigues, Simone de Oliveira, Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, among others.

A story of prestige and a timeless example of hospitality is very present on the mission inspiring this team: win each guest  with the commitment and effort to meet their expectations, with the national and international credibility that characterizes the Mundial Timeless City Hotel.

Main Markets in 2018


                                                                                      1. Germany                                                             6. France

                                                                                      2. USA                                                                       7. Canada

                                                                                      3. Brazil                                                                    8. Portugal

                                                                                      4. Spain                                                                     9. Italy

                                                                                       5. UK                                                                         10. Netherlands