Free Wifi Hotel Mundial

Hotel in Lisbon

Free Wifi

Hotel Mundial provides all guests free WIFI in all the areas of the hotel, including rooms and common areas. Upon check in, our reception staff will provide you the access password.

If you should need to use a a computer with internet access during your stay, Hotel Mundial also boasts a media center with printer services in the ground floor, near reception.

Enjoy a great stay in the heart of Lisbon and keep the connection with friends and family at home!

Other Services

Free Parking
Hotel Mundial is located in Lisbon city center and offers its guests a free parking service right in the heart of of the city. This is the perfect option for...
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Hotel Mundial mission is to provide our guests with all the necessary services to a wonderful stay in Lisbon city center. Therefore, this 4 star hotel established several partnerships so...
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Bicycle parking
Private bicycle parking ...
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Hotel Mundial is settled in the heart of Lisbon and invites its guests to enjoy the city from its core to the nearest points of interest, whether we’re talking about...
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Super Market
You may find a Super Market conviently sttled right in Hotel Mundial’s ground floor. ...
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Medical Insurance
  Hotel Mundial has developed a partnership with Grumese Insurances in order to provide you all the medical assitance you may need during your stay. RNA Assistance is a Hotel Care...
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