Hygiene and Safety Measures - Cleaning and Desinfection Lisbon Hotel

Hotel Mundial

Cleaning and Desinfection


  • We guarantee frequent desinfection of all touch surfaces, such as electronic equipment, elevator call buttons, door handles or handrails completed with Oxygiene electrostatic spray technology.


  • All our teams – housekeeping, restaurants and bars – have been divided into working groups so that we can control transfer of tasks, and thus, reducing the likehood of contagion by Covid19. We only use certified disinfectants.


  • The rooms are fully disinfected, and we’ve payed special attention to all direct contact materials using Oxygiene electrostatic spray technology. Our team will not accompany guest to their rooms.


  • Before and after each use, the meeting rooms are disinfected with Oxygiene electrostatic spray technology.


  • In addition to desinfection points, desinfection wipes are available in our restaurants and bars.